You Can Self Publish For Next To Nothing.. 

The whole point of self-publishing is to be able to work with what you’ve got and not have to go through the hassle of a traditional publisher. 

If you’re limited to a low budget, nowadays you can just do everything yourself. 

After you’ve written your book, although you will have to edit, format, and design your book cover all by yourself.. You do have the option to just upload your book to somewhere like Amazon and hope for the best. 

Do I recommend this? No, not if you’re looking to build and grow your business leveraging your book. 

Why The Phrase “Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover” Is A Lie

First impressions matter. 

Even if the content of your book is absolutely phenomenal, you won’t be able to attract your potential clients to actually read your book if you don’t have a nice, aesthetically pleasing book cover design to catch their attention and draw them in. 

It would be great if we could all just stop our minds from making these automatic judgments and assumptions when meeting someone new or picking up a book for the first time. 

Unfortunately, that’s not how our brains are wired.

When you expect something to be good, you are more open to a positive experience. When you expect something to be bad, you are closed off and anticipate a negative experience. 

Several years ago, there was a study done, where they gave people two plates of the same food, of the exact same recipe. But, one plate was presented better than the other. 

They weren’t told that they were eating the same food and were asked to mark down which tasted better or worse. 

The majority of the group marked down that the dish that was better presented tasted better. 

They actually fooled themselves into believing that the food didn’t taste as good, just because it wasn’t presented well.. 

This applies to almost everything in life. Job interviews, dating, and especially books. 

If your reader is drawn in by your pleasant book cover, they will subconsciously assume that if your book looks like a good book, then it must be a good book. 

If before they open the book they’re already anticipating how good the book will be and how much it will help them, then they’ll be far more engaged and invested when reading your book. 

A mediocre book that is presented well will go much further than an amazing book that lacks presentation. 

So if you’re looking to utilize your book to attract high-paying clients, then investing in a quality book cover design is a necessity.

You NEED To Edit & Format Your Book Properly 

A lot of newbie writers assume that they can just upload their book in a Word or PDF document to a platform like Amazon Kindle. 

I mean.. you can but it’s going to make your book difficult to read and give your audience the impression that you’re not professional, which will prevent them from taking you, your book, and your business seriously. 

Platforms like Amazon Kindle don’t have any sort of page systems, so when you upload your Word or PDF file directly to the platform without properly formatting it, you’ll have issues like weird spacing, images not showing correctly, distortion, etc. 

Sections of your book not loading properly will cause readers to skip areas of your book, assuming they haven’t already been turned off by your poorly formatted, difficult-to-follow book.. 

When it comes to editing, even if you think your grammar is perfect, it’s always best to have someone else proofread and edit your manuscript because as the writer you are just too close to the material to see the mistakes in your grammar, punctuation, and spelling. 

Again, this will make your book easier for your readers to digest while indicating to your clients that you are a professional, who is thorough and pays attention to the little things.

Shift Your Mindset From ‘This Is An Extra Cost’ To ‘This Is An Investment’ 

As a business owner, when you invest in something like a website, you don’t just cut corners and just settle for the cheapest option. 

You invest in quality website design, development, domain name, etc. because you know that your website is a representation of your business that will generate leads for you over time. 

If you cut corners and go with all of the cheapest options for your site, people won’t take your brand seriously and you’ll probably have to spend more money down the line on amping up your site. 

Same thing goes for writing and publishing your business book. 

If you cut corners and do everything yourself, your book will lack professionalism, preventing you from attracting your ideal, high paying clients.. 

Leading to you throwing more money down the drain, eventually starting over, and publishing a more polished, professional version of your book because you weren’t seeing the success you were striving for. 

Going the cheap route not only ends up costing you more money in the end, but you’ll also be leaving money on the table and missing out on all the potential high paying clients you could have worked with if your book was already up to par from the start. 

You can skip all of that struggle and unnecessary spending just by doing it all right the first time around.

How Much You Should Expect To Invest 

For a 30,000 to 50,000 word business book with the purpose of building and growing your business by positioning you as the high authority expert and attracting your ideal, high-paying clients, I would recommend budgeting for at least a $3000 investment. 

Next Step

If you’re interested in writing a business book that will generate leads and sales for your business, get a copy of The Freedom Master Plan that will explain everything you need to know about writing and marketing business books.

You can also download a sample chapter here