The reason why so many people tell you it’s not worth writing a business book is because they’ve been misled by their experience or others, as to how they can utilize their book as a marketing tool.. 

If anyone tells you, “it’s not worth writing an authority building business book”, the first thing I would check is if this person is actually an author. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of received wisdom on this planet. 

Many individuals think they’re experts on things, just because they’ve heard it from somewhere else. Always make sure to get your information from reputable, experienced sources. 

If they are already an author and have done the work to write and publish their book, and are still saying that writing a business book isn’t worth it, chances are they’ve had a bad experience. 

Usually, one of two things has happened. 

One, they decided to do everything on their own and self-publish, expecting to find success by just uploading their book to Amazon.. 

Or two, they’ve been taken advantage of by vanity publishers, who locked them into some kind of shady deal or contract.

Just throwing your book on Amazon and hoping for the best is NOT enough. 

About 3000 books are uploaded to Amazon every single day.

Many newbie authors are under the impression that just putting a book on something like Amazon will be enough for them to make a living. 

They expect their book to just suddenly gain traction on its own, become a worldwide success, and make thousands of dollars each month, by just uploading it to a website. 

It is possible, but it’s extremely unlikely. It’s like winning the lottery. It’s definitely not the norm. 

That might have worked 10 years ago when Amazon Publishing was still relatively new, but that’s no longer the case. 

What ends up happening is the author spends a lot of time, effort, and money writing and publishing the book. Then, they publish on Amazon expecting to be the next E.L. James. 

And, now they’re telling you that writing a business book isn’t worth it because they’ve spent all this time, effort, and money with nothing to show for it. 

The problem isn’t that the book doesn’t have the potential to change and expand their business.. It’s that they believe just sticking it on Amazon is enough. It’s not.

Leverage Is Key 

Mediocre Book with Effective Leverage > Amazing Book with No Leverage 

If your goal was to make a profit, and you had to choose between writing a half-assed, so-so book with a heavy amount of leverage vs an amazing, Pulitzer-worthy masterpiece with no leverage, the so-so book would win every time. 

Obviously, we all want to write amazing high-quality books, but at the end of the day, what it comes down to is leverage. 

Take the music industry for example. There is so much great music out there but only 1.4% of artists actually make a living from their music, and a lot of the music that actually gets played on the radio isn’t even that great. 

Why? Leverage. 

There are a lot of great books out there, but what determines if writing and publishing a book is profitable is leverage. 

Vanity Publishers 

Another common example of a bad experience when publishing a book is being taken advantage of by non-reputable publishers who masquerade as genuine publishers, and prey on the vanity and dreams of the author. 

I call these wannabe publishers ‘vanity publishers’. 

What these “publishers” usually get you to do is pay for all of the professional work (editing, formatting, designing, etc.) upfront, which if you’ve gone with a traditional publisher should not happen. 

If you’re going through the self-publishing route, then of course you need to pay for things up front. But, if you go with a traditional publisher who’s going to take a cut of the profits from your book, then they should be paying for the professional services. 

On top of that, some vanity publishers will tie you into a contract that says you have to buy a certain amount of books every single month whether or not you’ve sold any books.. 

Next thing you know, you have a garage full of books you aren’t able to sell. Sounds like a bad deal if you ask me. 

If I experienced something like this, I would also have a bad taste in my mouth when it came to writing and publishing my book. 

Writing A Business Book Is The Most Effective Marketing Tool 

Since I launched my book (The Freedom Master Plan) back in March, I’ve made about $2000 in book sales. That’s about $350 a month. Definitely not enough money to live off of, in the UK. 

But, because a lot of those readers bought my programs and became clients of mine, I’ve generated over $50,000 since releasing my book. 

The reality is to make a comfortable living off of just selling books, you need to sell tens of thousands of books. 

However, if you write books that are directly linked to your business, then you’re not really bothered about the sales of the books. 

You can sell your book at very low prices, so more eyes are reading your book, which leads to more clients wanting to work with you.

You just want the content of your books to be read, so you can attract your ideal, high-paying clients. 

The real money comes from the back end, not the initial sale of your book. 

Your business book is an effective marketing tool to build your authority and position you as the expert in your space, so you can attract your target market and not have to constantly market yourself. 

The reason why so many people tell you it’s not worth writing a business book is because they’ve been misled by their experience or others, as to how they can utilize their book as a marketing tool.. 

Next Step

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