*Calling All Coaches, Consultants & Speakers*

The Most Effective Way to Build Authority
and Generate High-Quality Leads
to Attract Your Ideal, High Paying Clients

And no, it isn’t paid ads, social media marketing,
networking, or having a flashy website…

Paid ads, social media, a great website, etc. can be great for getting a few clients or expanding your reach when you’ve got a foundation in place but it’s going to be a struggle to generate leads consistently without building a base that positions you as an expert first.

Otherwise, it’s going to be difficult for you to get the visibility you need to stand out from the crowd and charge those premium prices.

If you’ve already tried:


Paid Ads (requires lots of time and money for testing)


Social Media Marketing (can take years to build audience)


Networking (takes a long time to build relationships)


Sales Training (takes time and practice to learn the psychology behind it)


Building a Flashy Website (costs money and no guarantee it will generate sales)

I’m sure you quickly realized that it could take you lots of time, money, and testing before you get to the point where you’re no longer stuck slaving away, working with frustrating, low paying clients.

Working more hours than when you were working for a boss and spending all of your time focused on marketing for leads instead of helping your clients.

It’s time to get off the hamster wheel and start working with your ideal, high paying clients.. so that you can enjoy the fruits of your labour, spend more free time with your family, and actually help the people you started your business to help!

The way to effortlessly attract your ideal clients, who are a joy to work with and make your business more fulfilling is to build authority and achieve that ‘expert’ status in your space, while passively generating leads without having to constantly market yourself.

What Do All High Authority Business Experts Have in Common?

They All Have a Published Book Showcasing Their Expertise


Becoming a published author automatically positions you as the ‘go-to’ person in your industry, naturally increasing your level of influence and perceived value, allowing you to charge your clients more money while still having an abundance of clients wanting to work with you.

High Authority = Pipeline FULL of your ideal, high paying clients itching to work with you.

No more…


working tirelessly to generate leads and close sales


competing on pricing or fighting to separate yourself from competition


working with difficult clients who don’t value your expertise


not being able to spend quality time with your family or doing hobbies


sacrificing your brand's mission/purpose to pay the bills

Being stamped as the ‘expert’ in your space can open up many opportunities, such as growing a cult-like following, ready to buy courses, consulting, or whatever products and services you put in front of them.

(Not to mention all the networking and collaborative opportunities this will bring to you.)

Right About Now, You’re Probably Telling Yourself…

“I Don’t Know How to Write a Book, Let Alone One
That Can Generate Leads and Grow My Business!”

Well that’s where you’re wrong!

You have all the knowledge, experience, and expertise you need to start crafting a book that positions you as a high authority expert (even if you hate writing emails or haven’t written anything since high school).

Take Jane, for example.

Before working with Let’s Tell Your Story Publishing, she had never written a book and hated writing.. Now she’s written 6 books that have opened many doors for her, packed with opportunities on the other side!

I never believed I could write a book. I hated writing all my adult life.

I was a guinea pig for Let’s Tell Your Story when they first started. I laughed when they said I had the ability to write a book. And yet, they were right. What’s more, thanks to their encouragement, I have written six books now! I am truly staggered – and a little grateful! Being an author has brought me lots of exciting opportunities.

Jane Akshar - Owner, Flats in Luxor

“It Takes Too Long to Write a Book.”

Yes. If you don’t have a plan and have no idea where to start, it can take a while before you’re attracting your dream clients.

But, if you have a step-by-step formula on how to write your book in a way that brings your ideal clients to you…

It can take as little as 3 months before you’re officially a published author and on your way to passively generating high quality leads for your business. 

Before Dan started the ‘Let’s Tell Your Story’ Program, he spent countless hours researching, just trying to put the pieces together on how to go about writing his book.

I made a start on my own but I ended up wasting endless hours researching.

As a professional athlete and former Team GB Paralympian, I wanted to make sure my wheelchair fitness book made the grade in terms of quality.

I tried to sort everything on my own, but it was so time-consuming my book project stalled. I’m so glad I asked the Let’s Tell Your Story team for help. Everything was so much simpler and quicker.

Dan Highcock - Professional wheelchair basketball player

Paul says he would have never completed his book if it wasn’t for the program, keeping him on schedule.

This book would never have been completed or been so without Let’s Tell Your Story. They kept me on schedule and when I would get burned out they would push me to keep going.

Paul Halme - Three-times World Champion, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Peak Performance BJJ, Muay Thai & MMA

Not only will you have 14 easy-to-follow video lessons, but you’ll also have full support all the way through to the end, making the process of writing and publishing your book simple, smooth, and effective.

If You’re Wondering “Who Is This Woman

and Why Should I Listen to Her,” Keep Reading…

Just in the last 2 years, Let’s Tell Your Story Publishing has published 13 #1 Amazon Bestsellers.


And, they have a 99% 5-star review rating on Amazon for ALL of their authors (not bad considering you can get a one-star review just for the delivery being a day late…)

On top of that, I’m a ghostwriter of 7 business books that have generated $5 million in additional business revenue. And I’m the author of my own international bestseller, The Freedom Master Plan.

It’s safe to say that I will be the book expert you want in your corner, guiding you through the process of telling your story and attracting your ideal clients.


 ‘Let’s Tell Your Story’

DIY Plan, Write and Edit Your Book Online Program



14 bite-sized lessons with templates and resources, taking around 4 hours in total to complete, that focus on the essentials you need to successfully write your lead generating, client getting, income-producing book. No fluff or filler. Have access to everything at the tips of your fingers, so you can fit your book writing around your business, family and personal life…


No “Death by PowerPoint” hell. Enjoy eye-catching, quick videos, listen to the audios on the way to the grocery store, or read (on-screen or print) while waiting for your doctor’s appointment. There’s a boat-floater there for you, for sure.


You will get full access to the modules for as long as you need them. I encourage you to get your book out of your head and onto a document as fast as possible (rarely do I find a book that is better because it took an eon to write). However, I know life can throw curveballs. Take as long as you need – I will not shut down access.


A step-by step process that takes you from understanding your readers and what they need you to teach them, to having a detailed book outline in an elegant, easy to use printed book template.

Your expertise mapped out in an easy-to-follow system once and for all – no more overwhelm deciding what to cover.

Secret process I use to write thousands of words a day (a personal best is 26,000 – and that book has nothing but genuine five-star reviews!)

How to add quality artwork to your book to communicate your message clearly, or simply add some visual interest.

How to explain yourself clearly and concisely using 14 simple rules used by mainstream publishers that boost the quality of your writing, without having to study for a degree in English Literature.

A simple system to get constructive feedback from beta-readers to make sure your draft book hits the spot with your audience so you never risk your professional reputation with a shoddy book.


Look through the program.

Spend one hour or so going through it and if you don’t think you can write your book with my considerable support and expertise…

…then I’ll give you all your money back. No questions asked.

You have 7 days to go through the materials and any time during that you can request a full refund.



You’re looking to attract your dream, ideal clients that actually want to pay you what you’re worth.

You want to generate leads for your business without having to constantly market yourself.

You want to be the ‘go-to’ expert in your industry.

You’re tired of competing on pricing with others in your space.

You want to focus less energy on marketing and more energy on helping your clients.

You’re ready to write a book that positions you as the high authority expert, bringing you a consistent flow of clients, and growing a community of followers that allows you to build multiple passive income streams.

Ready to Tell Your Story?


ENROLL NOW in the…


‘Let’s Tell Your Story’ DIY Plan, Write, & Edit

Your Book Online Program


RRP $1497

We’ll see you on the inside.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to write a book for my business?

Becoming a published author automatically positions you as a high authority expert in your industry, which makes it so much easier to generate leads passively and attract your ideal, high paying clients. It also opens up many opportunities like being able to build an audience of people willing to purchase your courses, services, and products. Not to mention, getting countless opportunities to connect and collaborate with others in your space, and being able to charge those premium prices.

Am I good enough to be an author?

Absolutely! All you need is the knowledge and experience you already have from running your business. Think about it. You already run a successful business where people trust your expertise, correct? As long as you have that ‘raw’ material, this program will help you with the rest.

What if my grammar is off?

The program includes an editing module that goes through all the copyediting and proofreading checks in a step-by-step format. Even if you still have nightmares about your English teacher from school, or you’re on the run from the Grammar Police, this program will show you how to write a book that you’ll be proud to show off (and perhaps send a copy to the person who made you feel this way – it should shut them up for good 😉) 

What if I’m just not a good writer?

No one is asking you to be the next Ernest Hemingway or Jane Austen. If you own a successful coaching, consultancy, or expert-based business, chances are you already talk to clients and prospects about your expertise. And nearly all business owners create content for websites, blogs, and social media demonstrating their expertise. 

The beauty of this program is that shows you how to effectively ‘download’ all of this expertise and then shows you, step-by-step, how to turn this into a professional book, avoiding all the pitfalls amateurs makes. Most of my students had zero book writing experience before they became bestselling authors with Let’s Tell Your Story.  

What if I don’t have enough time?

The program offers bite-size video lessons, audio files, and PDF workbooks you can watch, listen to, or read at any time you choose, depending on your learning style.

You’re a busy person, I respect that. This is why there is no fluff inside of my training. Each lesson gets to the point fast. Blitz the entire program in a week, or take a year (or longer). The program will fit into your lifestyle as and when you like.

Ready to Tell Your Story?


ENROLL NOW in the…


‘Let’s Tell Your Story’ DIY Plan, Write, & Edit

Your Book Online Program


RRP $1497 

We’ll see you on the inside.