The quick answer is no. 

Nowadays, anybody can upload a document to Amazon Kindle and press publish.

Amazon has made it so easy that you can self-publish with just your normal Amazon account in just a few minutes. 

There’s a very low barrier to entry for publishing these days, all you really need are words on a document and somewhere to publish.

Publishing For Fun Or To Build & Grow Your Business?

Before publishing, you need to ask yourself, “What is my goal with this book?”.

You need to understand what is the purpose of your book and what results you’re looking to get from publishing.

If you’re just looking to publish something to share with your friends and family, or just publish something for the fun of it, then you can easily just type out what you have to say on a Word document and hit publish.

But, if your goal is to build or grow your business, generate leads from your book, build authority for your brand, make money, etc., then you’re going to need to be more professional about publishing your book. 

You can’t expect someone to take you and your business seriously when you aren’t presenting yourself seriously through your book. 

When you upload a document to Amazon KDP or any e-reader without getting it properly formatted, you make it very difficult for your reader to follow along. 

Without proper formatting, your book will have problems like distorted text, huge gaps of space, words coming off the page, etc.

If a potential client or business partner buys your book and finds it difficult to read and follow along because of formatting issues.. 

Why would they invest in whatever program or service you’re offering, when you can’t even invest in making your book readable for your audience?

Your book is a representation of you and your business.. 

If your book is unprofessional and all over the place, your reader will assume you are unprofessional and all over the place. 

The same goes for editing. 

If your reader is noticing mistakes in spelling, grammar, and punctuation, they’re going to assume that you don’t care about the little things and aren’t detail-oriented.

No matter how great your English is or how well your grammar is, you should get your book edited by someone else. 

The reason for this is because as the writer you’re just too close to the content of the book and the words on the page to clearly see the little mistakes you’ve made. 

It’s always better to get a fresh pair of eyes that are able to be objective when looking for mistakes in your work. 

You also want to have a nice book cover design, so you actually attract people to read your book in the first place.

First impressions matter. 

Unfortunately, we do judge books by their covers, just like how we judge and assume things about others when first meeting them.

It’s instinctual human nature.

We can’t change it, so we might as well use it to our advantage.

If your reader is drawn in by your pleasant book cover, they will subconsciously assume that if your book looks like a good book, then it must be a good book.

If before they open the book they’re already anticipating how good the book will be and how much it will help them, then they’ll be far more engaged and invested when reading your book.

Again, your book is a representation of you and your business. If you have a low-quality book, you’re going to be perceived as a low-quality individual to work with. 

The last thing you want is to have your book give you a bad reputation.

Next Step

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