How do I motivate myself to write a book?

As a book coach, I’m frequently asked this important question by people who have been trying to write a book for years but have never actually accomplished it.

How do I motivate myself to write a book? 

I’m going to show you five ways to get you motivated to start and complete the book you wish to write.


  • Research people who are doing well in your field

If you’re a life coach, a fitness coach, an IT consultant, a strategy consultant, a graphics designer, etc., research the key people in your industry – the movers and shakers. 

Find out if they’ve written a book and if they have, this will give you the kick or the motivation you need to write your book.

If you want to join the same league as they are, you need to become an author – it’s that simple.

  • Research your target audience

Find out who’s going to be your reader, and get them to tell you what they want to learn.

If you have a business, it means you have customers, and they are a goldmine of valuable information. 

Survey them. Ask them about the key thing they want to learn from you.

Knowing what exactly they need gives you the motivation to write a book. 

For a lot of people, writing a book is a huge mountain to climb. Just the thought of writing a book scares them.

A book will likely be the longest document or piece of content that you create in your life.

It’s daunting thinking about the time, effort, and money you’re going to spend on it. Especially if the book ends up being something no one wants.

This can be very demoralizing and demotivating, which paralyzes many people from starting to write. 

But if you’ve researched who your target audience or your reader is, and they have told you what they want, then you can start writing a book knowing this is something that is definitely needed.

“But what if you don’t have a business yet, and don’t have a target audience to survey?”

If you don’t have a business or a client base yet, find other books in your industry or niche and go and look at the reviews left by people.

The information in these reviews is gold dust! 

You’ll find what readers really liked about those books, what they didn’t like about them, and what was missing in those books. You can go and fulfill those missing needs!

  • Plan your book out 

The third highly motivating way is to plan your book out and get a 30,000-foot view or a birds-eye view of your book. 

When you have just a rough idea of how your book will be, you can get lost in it. 

It’s almost like being lost in a maze and it’s no fun at all.

When you plan out meticulously what will go into your book, it’s like being up in a helicopter, looking down at the maze.

It’s no longer intimidating because you can see the big picture and work out how to get through and out of the maze safely.

This is motivating because you can see the end in sight!

My students and I mind map our books out. We use a great free mind mapping software called It gives us the motivation to get started with writing our books.

  • Hire a book coach

I’m a book coach, and my job is to show you the best way to write a book – that’s what book coaches are for. 

If you’ve never written a book before, you can hire someone like me to help you get started. My role as a coach is to keep you accountable and motivate you to push yourself and get across the finishing line. 

That’s what you get when you hire a good book coach. So whoever you hire, find out exactly what kind of support you will get from them.

  • Get yourself a good writing guidebook

The fifth and final way to motivate yourself to write a book is to go and get a good writing guide. 

My book, The Freedom Master Plan, is based on case studies of seven of my previous clients and how they leveraged their book to build six and seven-figure businesses. 

It is a writer’s Bible. It allows you to think of how your book will fit into your business, before you’ve written a single word. That in itself is highly motivating. You can see the ‘end game’ before you’ve started.

Following all, some, or even one of these steps will help motivate you when you’re standing in front of that mountain of a book that you need to write. 

Starting is the most difficult aspect of writing a book. Once you’ve started, especially if you’ve used one or more of the tips above, it won’t be long before you’re a published author!


Next Step

If you’re interested in writing a business book that will generate leads and sales for your business, get a copy of The Freedom Master Plan that will explain everything you need to know about writing and marketing business books.

You can also download a sample chapter here