Has an author ever regretted writing a book?

I’ve met many authors who are not happy with their book and really regret publishing it.

It all boils down to one reason – these authors didn’t have an end goal in mind.

It’s always best to have the end goal in mind, then work your way backward from that, rather than just starting on the journey and not knowing where you’re going to end up.

Understand WHY you’re writing a book

The key question is, what do you want the book to do for you?

  • Some authors want to use the book to gain high-level clients, and they want to start working with major companies. They know becoming a published author will give them that authority and respect from prominent HR managers for corporations. 

  • Some authors want to pivot into a different industry. But they don’t want to spend several years building up a reputation or a name for themselves, and they see becoming an author as a shortcut.  

It’s about understanding your reason for writing and then working your way backward from that. When people don’t do this, they end up publishing a book they’re not happy with.

Have concrete ideas, don’t be vague

Think of it like going to a hairdresser and just saying you are not really sure what you want.

There’s a chance the hairdresser can create something terrible for you, and you hate your new hairstyle. 

It’s not really the fault of the hairdresser. If your ideas are vague, and you cannot give concrete instructions as to what you want, such as the shape, the color, etc., it’s not their fault if you end up with something that you’re not happy with.

It’s the same thing with a book. If you just embark on your book journey with this idea of, “I want to write a book, and that’s it!” then you may get to your destination, but you could end up at a destination you didn’t expect.

If your book is mainly a resource-style book or an ebook and it’s really just a way to get your message out, it doesn’t need professional editing or a cover designer.  

But suppose you wish to write a book to build your reputation? In that case, that’s when you need a professional editor, a professional cover designer, a professional typesetter, etc. 

What is your book doing for you?

Many authors regret publishing a book because they didn’t realize they needed the best professional services. 

 Their book looked like a 16-year-old’s school homework. It didn’t give them the reputation and authority they wanted, and it actually damaged their reputation.

So ask yourself, what do you want the book to do for you? 

When you answer this,  everything becomes easy because you can work your way backward from it. 

Questions, such as whether you need professional services or which topic to write about, you’ll find they magically answer themselves.

Everything falls into place when you work with the end goal in mind.


Next Step

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