Is It Difficult To Self Publish?

  The quick answer is no.  Nowadays, anybody can upload a document to Amazon Kindle and press publish. Amazon has made it so easy that you can self-publish with just your normal Amazon account in just a few minutes.  There’s a very low barrier to entry for...

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Why Is Self Publishing So Expensive?

  You Can Self Publish For Next To Nothing..  The whole point of self-publishing is to be able to work with what you’ve got and not have to go through the hassle of a traditional publisher.  If you’re limited to a low budget, nowadays you can just do everything...

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Do Self-Published Books Sell?

  Whenever anybody asks me this, I know there's an underlying fear there. And the underlying fear is, "If I self-publish, I don't know how to sell books. So how will I market my book?" If you're self-published, you do everything yourself. The belief is that a...

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