How Do You Write An Authority-Building Business Book
That Will Position You As An Expert In Your Field
When You Have ZERO Literary Skills?

It’s simple… you pick a great book mentor that can show you, step-by-step, what to do at every stage, so you completely avoid all the credibility-sapping rookie mistakes.

Powered By The 90-day ‘Let’s Tell Your Story’
Book Mentoring & Publishing Program


…which is a rapid yet thorough online program where you will discover:

The essentials so you create a powerful, bestselling concept for your book.


Rapidly identify what you need to cover to impress (and assist) your readers, discover the optimal bite-size sequence to explain your material, and never waste time (and willpower!) wondering what to write about next.


How to expand on your book outline in double quick time, without cutting corners on quality, using a ridiculously simple, but thoroughly tested system (which has generated nothing but five-star reviews for the author titles we’ve published using it…)


How to give your book a thorough health check, get feedback on your material, and get your work prepped and polished for publishing, in a rapid, efficient and thorough way.


Done-for-you copyediting, proofreading, typesetting, book cover design and publishing to industry standards. No matter how great your content is, you will be judged on the finished product. Relax knowing your manuscript is getting a makeover fit for Hollywood starlets!


Guaranteed citation from at least one US news network (ABC, NBC, CBS, or FOX). Because how cool would it be to have ‘As seen on Fox’ on your book cover??


Thought Leadership & Freedom From Selling Battle Plan. We don’t do vanity projects here at Let’s Tell Your Story. We want to see you and your business soar. So let’s put our heads together and come up with a bespoke plan that will take your business to the next level.

Bish! Bash! Bosh! Book done! 🙂

(*Sorry to burst your bubble but there’s no case-loads of champers shipped to your door. Despite that, though, there are some delicious benefits to signing up.)

Who The Hell Is Teaching This Book Writing Shizzle?

We are Mitali Deypurkaystha and Colette Mason, and we love helping business owners create their own top-notch books based on their professional experience (we’ve published hundreds of titles.)

Although the speed of our methods will make your jaw drop, the premium quality of our finished publications never drops.

In fact, we have a 99% five-star review rating on Amazon for ALL our authors… (not bad considering you can cop an unfortunate one-star review just for the delivery being a day late… let alone publishing a piss-poor abomination… 🙂 )

Are ‘Let’s Tell Your Story’ Actually Any Good…
Or Worse Than A Justin Bieber Album On Repeat?

One of us may look like a purple-haired rebel, while the other loves posting her Bitmoji avatar everywhere, but we’re mercilessly professional and have accomplished some noteworthy things in the wacky world of books…
Grown up stuff like:

Published #1 BEST SELLERS 13 times on Amazon in just two years of starting up Let’s Tell Your Story

Colette is the author of her own books, which get featured in the press worldwide, and an international coach and speaker on how to fast track authority with content

Mitali is a ghostwriter of 7 business books that have generated $5 million / £3.8 million in additional business revenue

Delivered multi-million dollar information publishing projects for blue-chip companies

Created a templated publishing system used for thousands of UK Government titles

You Are In Safe Hands


Here’s a selection from hundreds of five-star Amazon reviews my business book authors have enjoyed…

Is This For You?


It is… if you are someone who:

is eager to fast-track your authority level and become the “Go To” expert in your field


doesn’t have a book written (…yet)


wants to demonstrate your knowledge, skills, integrity, expertise and professionalism


wants to help more people by sharing your expertise, your signature system, in a first-rate self-published book


wants to dramatically increase their business revenue by attracting the best leads and clients to them, instead of doing all the chasing

What Happens When You Become A
Published Author?

With a successful book you will have the tip-of-the-tongue notoriety you deserve in your industry*…

Authority #1: You will be an expert in your marketplace…

Authority #2: You will be a respected published author…

Authority #3: You will have a reason to offer valuable follow on courses / programmes (build passive income streams)

Authority #4: You will be the brains behind a signature book that gets great reader results…

Authority #5: You (and your book) will be tagged in social media posts whenever potential clients need rapid help…

* Unlike Richard Branson’s approach to eyeballs on your stuff, my method doesn’t involve getting stuck abseiling during a Las Vegas publicity stunt… 🙂

When Can You Expect Results?


You’re going to finish the course in 45 days (about 10 hours per week over 6 weeks) unless you pause the videos and start scrolling your newsfeed…

(I promise!)

The 45-day challenge element is there to remove the temptation to be a tortured genius mulling stuff over for months.
This might terrify or excite you.

But you can have your book planned, written and edited within 45 days – which includes time to gloat on social media that you’re a ‘tortured genius’… (that can be our little secret 😉 )… and still have time for a breather with a takeaway in front of the TV.

For the remaining 45 days, we’ll copyedit and proofread your awesome manuscript until it is perfect.

We’ll also collaborate with you to create professional book cover that stands out in a sea of other books. And we’ll publish to professional standards on Amazon KDP for Kindle and Paperback.

In 90 days, you could be opening a box from Amazon to get a waft of that gorgeous new book smell… and see your name on the cover.

What Do You Get With this proven

Business Book mentoring & publishing Program?


14 bite-sized lessons, taking around 4 hours in total to complete, that focus on the essentials you need to complete, no fluff or filler. Job done.


Let us look over your book outline so you can go ahead and write your masterpiece knowing nothing has been missed out.


Let us answer any questions you have, get inspiration from fellow budding authors, and stay on track with our weekly calls.


No “Death by PowerPoint” hell. Enjoy eye-catching, quick videos, listen to the audios on the move, or read (on screen or print). There’s a boat-floater there for you, for sure.


It’s a sixty-day challenge-based system. Because I am feeling generous, I’ve allowed up to 6 months access…close enough to keep you focused… far enough away, if life chucks an unexpected curveball there’s still time.


No matter how great the content, a book is judged on its appearance. It needs to look ultra-professional if it is to elevate you and your business as an authority. We use our 10+ years of publishing experience to turn your manuscript into a book that a major publishing house would be proud to promote.


A book is always judged by its cover. So, in collaboration with you, we will create a professional book cover that stands out in a sea of other books.


This last hurdle is one where we see so many people trip up on. A badly published book will not only fail to build your authority, it can even damage your reputation! We take this headache away by completing this crucial task for you using our considerable publishing experience.


Get instant credibility and authority that positions you as an expert to watch – add to your book cover, websites, social media profiles etc.


For your book to have the biggest impact on your business and life, you need to know how to leverage it for maximum effect. We brainstorm with you to create a personalized plan full of tactics and strategies you can use in the real world to generate you qualified leads, give you freedom from selling, and set you up as a future thought leader.

Plus… Get These Benefits


The confidence that you’ve chosen a book angle that readers will love and make you an authority on your subject

A step-by step process that takes you from understanding your readers and what they need to you to teach them, to having a detailed book outline in an elegant, easy to use printed book template

Your expertise mapped out in an easy-to-follow system once and for all – no more overwhelm deciding what to cover

The lowdown on the entire process of expanding on your book outline using your proven expertise

Our secret process we use to write thousands of words a day (a personal best is 26,000 – and that book has nothing but genuine five-star reviews!)

How to stop fretting about old school teacher’s red pen marks, or the Grammar Police and get the words on the page

How to handle getting tongue tied so you don’t lose momentum drowning in tiny details

How to add quality artwork to your book to communicate your message clearly, or simply add some visual interest

How to explain yourself clearly and concisely using 14 simple rules used by mainstream publishers that boost the quality of your writing, without having to study for a degree in English Literature

The confidence that any lingering silly mistakes and loose ends will have been dealt with well before your book is unleashed on the general public

The exact same detailed checklists we use to make sure all the books we publish for our authors are error free.

A simple system to get constructive feedback from beta-readers to make sure your draft book hits the spot with your audience so you never risk your professional reputation with a shoddy book.

Let Us Show You Some Proof


(You’re supposed to add this to sales pages…etc etc…. but if you need this much convincing to invest a few quid to become a published author, then this isn’t for you…)

I never believed I could write a book. I hated writing all my adult life.

I was a guinea pig for Let’s Tell Your Story when they first started. I laughed when they said I had the ability to write a book. And yet, they were right. What’s more, thanks to their encouragement, I have written six books now! I am truly staggered – and a little grateful! Being an author has brought me lots of exciting opportunities.

Jane Akshar - Owner, Flats in Luxor

I knew what I wanted to tell people. I just didn’t know how to make it into a book.

I started a chicken keeping business and wanted to share my expertise with people, so they had as much fun keeping chickens as I did.

I kept explaining the same thing over and over, and it was a relief to get all that knowledge in a practical book my customers could refer to. I knew they would look after their hens well.

Mark Burrows - Owner, Redlynch Farm

I made a start on my own but I ended up wasting endless hours researching.

As a professional athlete and former Team GB Paralympian, I wanted to make sure my wheelchair fitness book made the grade in terms of quality.

I tried to sort everything on my own, but it was so time-consuming my book project stalled. I’m so glad I asked the Let’s Tell Your Story team for help. Everything was so much simpler and quicker.

Dan Highcock - Professional wheelchair basketball player

This book would never have been completed or been so without Let’s Tell Your Story. They kept me on schedule and when I would get burned out they would push me to keep going.

Paul Halme - Three-times World Champion, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Peak Performance BJJ, Muay Thai & MMA

What’s The Guarantee?


Look through the course.

Spend one hour or so going through it and if you don’t think you can write your book with our considerable support and expertise…

…then I’ll give you entire money back. No questions asked.

You have 7 days to go through the materials and any time during that you can request a full refund and I’ll happily do that.

BEWARE: This Book Writing Challenge
Is NOT Everyone’s Cup Of Tea…


You want to write a recipe book, memoir or fiction (Find other courses out there, this one’s not that)


You buy stuff to ‘cheer yourself up’ and feel good but never do anything (You need counselling, not a course)


You have already written your first draft (Get in touch with us for editing)


You like to leave everything to the last minute (You need lessons in discipline. This type of carry on will bring out our inner Gordon Ramsay)


You ignore instructions because you ‘know it all’ (It won’t work with uncoachable people)


You want to miss out important stuff deliberately to flog it later (Readers will hate you, not wave their wallets with glee, at your ‘upsell opportunity’)


You think lacklustre ‘ego trip’ books made up random stuff on your hard disk are ‘ok’ (If it ain’t about the reader, no one’s buyin’)

If Any Of ^THIS^ Applies To You… Don’t Sign Up!


We’re serious – please don’t apply if you tick any of these boxes above. The deal’s off. It simply won’t work. You’ll whine about a refund. We’ll be annoyed you didn’t check it’s right for you despite this big warning box. (Could we be any more up front?)

We want you to have fun…and we want to have fun, not a literary nightmare.

Yes! I Am FeD Up Of Wasting Time With My Book –

Let’s Get Started!


Please join me. The price… oops… “investment” is
(Gotta obey those copywriting rules, eh! Oh yes, price needs to end in “7”…)

90-Day ‘Let’s Tell Your Story’ Book Mentoring & Publishing Program
£5997 / $7497
(3 month payment plans are available)

(spots are limited to 5 students per month so it’s first come first served)

How Easy Is It To Write A Book?


Pretty easy if you ask us.

All you need to do is… click on the “Apply” button just up there ^^^ 🙂

And once you have paid (oops again… invested…) you’ll get complete access to everything we’ve been talking about.

The Crossroads


You’ve got two choices right now


  1. Do nothing… Don’t write your best seller… leave people to struggle without your help. Keep thinking of what life would have been like if you really were a published author….

2. Buy (we mean invest in…) this program right now. Complete the lessons in as little as one hour per day, and get your bestselling book all planned out, written and edited. Plus, learn how to monetise your book without being a douche about it, as well.

The choice is yours… (Hint, pick option 2.)

If writing your own bestselling book in 45 days (and having a full published book in your hands in 90 days) excites you…

And you are not put off by the idea of focusing on something that might change your life and business…

Then please join me.

The price… (oops… I really need to remember…investment…) is a much better deal than trying to bag a traditional publishing deal, only to give away your copyright to a traditional publisher, or the risk of paying for a ghostwriter who may mangle your ideas.

Sounds amazing? Right?

If you want to invest in the challenge, then click the Apply button, fill out the application, and one of us will get back to you within one business day.

Let’s do this!

(spots are limited to 5 students per month so it’s first come first served)

We’ll see you on the inside.