90-Day ‘Let’s Tell Your Story’

Book Mentoring & Publishing Program

In order for us to consider you for the 90-Day ‘Let’s Tell Your Story’ Book Mentoring & Publishing Program, we need to learn more about where you are with your current business. Therefore, we’ve prepared critical questions that will help you determine if you are a good fit for this life changing program.

Complete ALL questions in as much detail as possible. This application shouldn’t take you more than 6-10 minutes. Available spots are being filled fast so we recommend you complete the questionnaire straight away. Spots run out FAST and we review applications on a strict first come, first served basis.

Please note, once we review your application, if we feel you are a good fit and ready to take your business to the next level, we will email you to schedule a consultation. If we feel you are not a good fit, we will still email you to let you know.

We cannot stress this enough, this is a huge opportunity. But it is not for everyone. It’s only for people who have the drive, determination and self-belief to succeed. This program will give you all the support you need to write an authority building business book that will sell and market your business for you. You will also get done-for-you editing, cover design, and publishing to professional standards. The only thing that can stand in your way is you. The following questions will help you determine whether you have the required self-belief: 

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I understand that the 90-Day ‘Let’s Tell Your Story’ Book Mentoring & Publishing Program is a complete book mentoring program, enabling me to write an authority building business book, and includes: 


Complete book outline planning


Weekly step-by-step group coaching (8 weeks)


Access to course library with templates & resources


Done-for-you copyediting and proofreading


Done-for-you publishing to professional standards

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If selected to join our program, do you have the final decision to invest in yourself?

What is the maximum one-time amount you have invested in yourself & your business over the last 5 years? (check one)

How much of a financial investment can you make towards marketing your business in the next 90 days? (check one)

When you recognize the value in what you are looking to invest in far outweighs the amount of investment, do you tend to be (check one)


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If accepted onto the program, which payment option is best for you?