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Understand the 4 elements you need to create a unique voice and angle for your book – even if you’re in a crowded marketplace with many books already written on your subject.

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Discover the benefits of being a published author
Most authors have one main regret… they wish they would have written and published their book a lot sooner. Find out what the greatest benefits of being a published author are.


Find out the two myths that are holding you back right now
from growing your business and stepping into your expertise.


Learn how to gain massive visibility as an author and a business owner
Everyone has social media. Not everyone is taking to the stage to share their message. The ones who do are published authors with a voice that lets them stand out above the crowd.


Understand how to develop a book idea that people want to read
It’s one thing to write a book, it’s another to write one that people cannot wait to read, and attracts them to your business as clients, strategic partnerships, affiliates and investors.