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As the author of four books, I know the huge difference it makes when you’re a published author. Mitali cuts through the BS and lifts the lid on how to use a business book as an incredible marketing tool, leaving your competition eating dust.

Brad Burton - The UK's #1 Motivational Business Speaker, Somerset, UK


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Mitali Deypurkaystha, also known as the Authority Creator is a leading copywriter and ghostwriter, authoring seven business books. But the road to success wasn’t easy. As the firstborn of Indian/Bangladeshi immigrants arriving in Gateshead, England, they expected her to become a respected medical doctor.  

It all started at the age of 16 when Mitali won a scriptwriting scholarship at a summer school in Edinburgh, Scotland. She fell in love with writing and even contributed to an episode of a long-running UK television drama. At that moment, she knew medicine was no longer her future.  

Two years later, she embarked on a Media Studies degree and started freelancing for local newspapers and magazines in Manchester. However, her life was to become blighted with addiction, weight, and mental health issues.  

She went from a UK size 20 (US 16) to a UK size 10 (US 6) because of a nutrition consultant and fitness coach. She went from hopelessly addicted to amphetamines to completely clean for 20 years because of an addiction counselor and life coach.  At numerous times in her life, inspirational speakers have taken her from ‘what’s the point’ to seeing opportunity everywhere.

I was skeptical about another business book coming out, I find most of them pretty boring… but not this one. Mitali has really captured the essence of what it’s like to be a coach, consultant or speaker, and provided all the right answers to their problems, in her entertaining and insightful manner. If you’re looking to make a bunch more money, and have a way easier time doing so – this book has the roadmap. Get it, read it, implement it.

Brian Cassingena - 8 figure copywriter and author of #1 best seller Email Resurrection, Adelaide, Australia.

I’ve recently ventured into coaching and one of the things I was looking for is how to automate my marketing. The Freedom Master Plan is just what I needed to get moving in the right direction. Not only is it filled with loads of great templates and mindmaps, but it has real actionable steps on how I can leverage my experience and my story to attract ideal clients into my program. Thank you for providing so much value.

Ivana Bosnjak - Business Coach and CEO of Authority Transformers, Rijeka, Croatia.

In 2014, she finally returned to her first love of writing. She became a leading copywriter and ghostwriter, authoring seven business books that would generate over $5 million in additional business revenue, and a further $2 million through sales pages and email marketing. 

She states she absolutely could not have achieved any of this without the amazing coaches, consultants and speakers who came into her life and inspired her, kept her focused, accountable, and in one case, kept her alive. 

In the summer of 2020, she discovered a horrifying statistic from The International Coaching Federation (ICF), which states that 82% of coaching businesses will fail in their first two years globally. The consultancy sector was not far behind, according to The Bureau of Labor Statistics state, with a failure rate of 80% within two years. And the main reason was that most coaches and consultants are inept at sales and marketing and don’t enjoy it. 

Speakers face the huge issue of speaking for free. Speaking for free is a fantastic way to hone your craft. But transitioning from free speaker to getting paid to speak can be challenging. And asking for a big increase can be difficult. 

Mitali couldn’t bear to think of where her life would be if it weren’t for the incredible people who inspired her throughout the years. She resolved to do something radical that would help coaches, consultants and speakers build successful businesses instead of failing. 

She decided to interview her previous clients. Over several weeks, a pattern emerged. The clients who had seen the most significant success were her seven book clients. All of them had ultra-successful businesses, and they could trace their success back to the book Mitali wrote for them.  

Mitali realized that the key to helping coaches, consultants and speakers beat the odds of failing was to transform them into respected experts in their field by becoming published authors. 

In late 2020, she authored The Freedom Master Plan, featured on ABC, NBC, CBS, and Fox, which details how her seven book clients leveraged their business book, freeing them from constant selling and marketing while attracting their dream clients and building passive income streams. 

Mitali also became the CEO of ⓥLet’s Tell Your Story Publishing, a book coaching and publishing company that allows any coach, consultant or speaker to become a professionally published author within 90 days, even if they have zero writing experience.

Her hard work has paid off, and she loves her life as “The Authority Creator” for coaches, consultants and speakers worldwide.

When Mitali told me about her new book, my first thought was ‘Interesting, but I’m not a consultant.’ So I suppose that initially, my reading was somewhat clouded by my belief that it would be interesting, but not really aimed at me.

How wrong that turned out to be!

What I found WAS a book aimed at helping consultants get better and more profitable clients. But it turned out to be so much more. The Freedom Plan is a book that almost anyone, in any kind of business, can learn a great deal from.

The power of writing – or having written for you – a book that can be used to promote your business is seldom talked about. Mitali has lifted the lid on one of the ‘hidden secrets’ that really can make a huge difference to your bottom line. Consultant or not!

Martin Avis - Publisher, London, UK.

🌱 After nearly ten years as a vegan, in early 2021 it dawned on her that she was almost halfway through her life, and her dream of a vegan mainstream world would not be realized unless vegan voices became louder.

She resolved to focus ⓥLet’s Tell Your Story Publishing on vegan business leaders and entrepreneurs to help them boost their visibility, authority, sales & profits by becoming published authors.

A jaw dropping read that gives you the path to celebrity status in your industry.

Peter Gartland - Business Coach and Co-founder of Atomic, Newcastle, UK.



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The Freedom Master Plan is a smart and expertly-written book that will empower you to build a successful coaching, consulting or speaking business while building your authority, and without spending all your time doing sales and marketing. Read it once, then read it again!

Ashley Kemp - Coach and CEO at Build Your Empire University, Derby, UK.

If you’re ready for your coaching, consultancy or speaking business to be successful, Mitali Deypurkaystha is about to blow your mind! ‘The Freedom Master Plan’ is a must-read for you to really be successful.

Mitali is a skilled teacher and has truly broken the mold with this book. She knows these strategies work because she also practices them herself.

With ‘The Freedom Master Plan’, Mitali demonstrates a different way to market your business. If you’re serious about getting results without working harder, read this book and apply its golden knowledge.

The book is packed with valuable and easily actionable information and contains an insider’s view I haven’t found anywhere else. It is a must-read for the serious coach, consultant or speaker. Before reading ‘The Freedom Master Plan’, I wasn’t aware of how much I didn’t know!

Read ‘The Freedom Master Plan’ diligently, then immediately take action to apply this knowledge to your business. It is filled with proven strategies and detailed steps.

This is not just another boring manual. This book is a powerful tool that makes the process of becoming a successful coach, consultant or speaker fun and an inspiration to those around you.

‘The Freedom Master Plan’ is a seriously great book that offers powerful insights into how to take time off without reducing your income! Every paragraph contains clearly-written golden nuggets of wisdom. Start reading ‘The Freedom Master Plan’ and you’ll find yourself wanting to highlight every line on every page!

And most of all take the action laid out in in ‘The Freedom Master Plan’.

Chris Harris - Business Consultant and CEO of Main Road C&M, Biggin Hill, UK.


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    Mitali has truly captured the heart of coaches, consultants and speakers in her book, The Freedom Master Plan. With each chapter I read, I thought, “Wow! That’s so true!” Thank you for the inspiration, Mitali!

    Philip Borrowman - Affiliate Marketing Coach, Edinburgh, UK.

    As editor of Health Triangle magazine and a former volunteer for 18 months at Alternatives, I get exposed to literally dozens of different books in B2B and B2C categories. This one was a joy to read. Why? Because it is so clearly written. Because it is so thorough. Because it is so unambiguous. Because it is based on solid personal experience.

    Reg Starkey - Editor of Health Triangle Magazine, London, UK.